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Fuel prices down more than 20 cents this month | More CDLs for bribes: Pennsylvania scheme indictment

Updated Jul 16, 2022

Trucking news and briefs for Wednesday, July 13, 2022:

After a technical outage of the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration’s system that tracks diesel prices weekly prevented weekly updates from June 13 through July 8, the agency’s systems are back online and are showing a positive trend for owner-ops over the last few weeks.

Diesel prices across the country are down 24.2 cents on average over the period after hitting a new record high of $5.81 during the week ending June 20. Prices fell 2.7 cents during the week ending June 27, followed by a 10.8-cent drop during the week ending July 4.

During the most recent week ending July 11, prices fell another 10.7 cents to a national average of $5.57 per gallon, the lowest national average since the end of May.

Prices fell in all regions during the most recent week, with the most significant decrease being seen in the Lower Atlantic region, where prices were down 11.8 cents.

The nation’s most expensive fuel is in California at $6.67 per gallon, followed by the West Coast less California at $5.94 per gallon.

The cheapest diesel can be found in the Gulf Coast region at $5.22, followed by the Lower Atlantic region at $5.48.

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